Mathematical Games

Snakes in the Plane, by Vaqaas Aslam, Rishee Batra, and Dr. Anton Lukyanenko
Hyperbolic Soccer, by Joe Frias and Dr. Anton Lukyanenko

3D Printing

We are using a Z18 Makerbot to print.

Knot 10_153, by Savannah Crawford

This knot was generated with SeifertView and MeshLab. It is related to the Fall 2019 project, Statistical Analysis of Large Knots.
Files: STL

The Sudanese Surface, by Joe Frias

Click Sudanese Surface to learn more.
Files: STL Mathematica

Orbits of Outer Automophisms on the Finite Field points of a Character Variety, by Seth Lee


STL Files: Zip file containing all four prints

Sinusoidal Compressed Sphere, by Stephanie Mui


STL Files:SinusoidalHemiSphere

Sinusoidal Flat Torus, by Stephanie Mui


STL Files: SinusoidalFlatTorus

MEGL Platonic Solids, by Conor Nelson and Austin Alderete

STL Files: 4-Sided, 6-Sided, 8-Sided, 12-Sided, 20-Sided

Non-Abelian Hodge Theorem, by Sean Lawton and Tomas Hausel


STL Files: Dolbeault, Betti

Spin Network Polytopes, by Conor Nelson and Austin Alderete

STL Files: Spin1, Spin2, Spin3

Klein Bottle used in VR Demo, by Patrick Brown


STL File: Kline

3D Printing from 2009-2014

3D Videos

You will need 3D glasses to enjoy these visualizations fully (for example, here).

The above videos are by Stephanie Mui.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Experience on Orientable and Non-Orientable Surfaces

Klein Bottle Oculus Rift App: for Mac Download

Nullhomotopy in SO(3,R) Oculus Rift App

The double-tipping nullhomotopy, by David Pengelley and Daniel Ramras (2014)

Chaotic Attractors ODE Solver Oculus Rift App: for Mac Download, for Windows Download

The above VR apps and videos are mainly by: Donnelly Phillips, Mae Markowski, Joseph Frias

YouTube Channel: Visualizations

YouTube Channel: MEGL

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