Grants & Support

We were supported by NSF awards DMS-1309376 (PI Lawton, 2014-2016) and DMS-1500966 (PI Manon, 2015-2017), and by a Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant (PI Lawton, 2014-2018, & 2018-2023).


Additional financial support has come from:

  1. Elsevier: PI Lawton, $2,500, 2016.
  2. GEAR: PI Lawton (co-PI Manon) on Research Experiences for Graduate Students (NSF subaward) , $23,560 supporting 3 visiting students to work in MEGL, Summer 2015
  3. Research Equipment grant from COS-GMU: PI Lawton (co-PI C. Manon), $17,500, Fall 2015
  4. Undergraduate Tim Reid (supervisor Dr. Lawton) won a GMU-OSCAR Grant (2016-2017), Fall 2016.
  5. Research Equipment grant from COS-GMU: PI Lawton (co-PI Lukyanenko), $150,000, Fall 2017
  6. COS/VSE Seed Grant: PI Lukyanenko (co-PI Soudbakhsh), $21,000, Spring 2018

We are now accepting DONATIONS HERE. All donations support research, visualization, and outreach.

We thank the Department of Mathematical Sciences, and the College of Science at GMU for its support (time, money, and general encouragement).

In particular, we especially thank Christine Amaya for always finding time to help, and a HUGE thanks goes to David Walnut for never saying "no" (even when he should).

Lastly, we note that the GMU Math Circle, the GMU Math Maker Lab, the GMU STEM Accelerator, and the GMU EXTREEMS program are natural partners with MEGL. We thank them for collaborations past, present, and future.

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