STudent REsEarch TalkS at George Mason University

The Student Research Talks (StReeTs) at George Mason University is a student-run seminar, overseen by benevolent leader Dr. Sean Lawton. Its purpose is to give graduate and advanced undergraduate students a forum to discuss research and other topics of interest as well as the opportunity to practice giving talks to colleagues. All students are welcome to attend. If you would like to present a topic please contact one of the organizing committee (Brent Gorbutt or Jack Love).

Here is a problem page that includes problems and discussion concerning ideas from talks: Problems and Discussion

Time and location:

Alternate Fridays 2:30-3:20 pm, Exploratory Hall room 4106.

Spring 2017

21 April 2017: Generalized Depth and Associated Primes in the Perfect Closure R-infinity, George Whelan (GMU)

24 February 2017: Counting Subwords of Elements of S_n, Brent Gorbutt (GMU)

Fall 2016

16 December 2016: MEGL Symposium, 2:30-5:30pm


18 November 2016: Decomposition of Complex Hyperbolic Isometries by Involutions, Cigole Thomas (GMU)

11 November 2016: Asymptotic Dimension with Linear Control, Corry Bedwell (UMCP) (slides)


7 October 2016: Preliminaries for an Algorithm to Calculate Steiner Graphs in R^2, Tyler Russ (GMU)


23 September 2016: What is Persistent Homology?, Ryan Vaughn (GMU)


9 September 2016: Orbits, Special Words, and Polytopes, Orton Babb (GMU), Patrick Bishop (GMU), Joseph Frias (GMU), Mary Leskovec (GMU), Tim Reid (GMU), and Cigole Thomas (GMU)

2 September 2016: Polygons in Space, Jack Love (GMU)

Spring 2016

6 May 2016: MEGL Symposium, in the Mason Experimental Geometry Lab from 1:00-5:00


22 April 2016: Surviving the Singularity: Using Grobner Bases to Describe Killer Robots, David Rice (GMU)


8 April 2016: The Hirsch Conjecture and the Diameters of Polytope Graphs, Mac Gallagher (GMU)


1 April 2016: Riesz Bases and Sampling Theory, Shauna Simeone (GMU)


26 February 2016: Permutation Groups and Puzzle Tile Configurations of Instant Insanity II, Amanda Justus (GMU)


12 February 2016: Binomial Coefficients in Congruence Equations, Tyler Russ (GMU)


29 January 2016: Diagonal Lengths of n-gons, Jack Love (GMU)

Fall 2015

11 December 2015: MEGL Symposium (12:30 - 3:30 in MEGL)

20 November 2015: The Perfect Closure R^Infinity, George Whelan (GMU)


23 October 2015: Grobner Bases of Toric Ideals, Jack Love (GMU)


16 October 2015: Sums of Discrete Functions, Tyler Russ (GMU)


2 October 2015: Lower Bound Cluster Algebras and Stanley-Reisner Complexes, Bradley Zykoski (University of Virginia)


18 September 2015: Flag Varieties, Brent Gorbutt (GMU)

Summer 2015

13-14 August 2015: MEGL Symposium, in 4106 EXPL from 11:00-3:00pm on both days.

Spring 2015

1 May 2015: Diego Torrejon


17 April 2015: Marilyn Vazquez


3 April 2015: Alathea Jensen

20 March 2015: Eli AlHajjar


20 February 2015: Rachel Locke


6 February 2015: Sam Mendelson

Fall 2014

5 November 2014: Jack Love

21 November 2014: Brent Gorbutt

5 December 2014: James Cameron

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