MEGL Intern Program

We are very excited to welcome our Summer 2015 MEGL Interns!

There will be three intern programs: Research, Visualization, and Outreach.

Below is a list of readings for research participants to explore. However participants should focus on their problems sets and Mathematica projects.

Reading and Background

Computational commutative algebra and tropical geometry

  1. What is a Groebner basis?
  2. Computing tropical varieties
  3. Introduction to Tropical Geometry

Affine semigroups

  1. Problems and Algorithms for Affine Semigroups

Arithmetic Dynamics

Text Book:

Wiki Page:

Arithmetic of Moduli Spaces:

Outer Automorphic Actions:

Mini Course on SL(2,C) Character Varieties

Special Words

Horowitz Paper (read this first for existence of unboundedly many 2 special words)

Another relevant Horowitz Paper

Why we think 3-Special words exist at all:

Anderson's Conjectural Classification of 2-Special Words

Some unpolished notes of Lawton.

Stats of Chas

MathOverFlow Page

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