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MEGL is an experimental research lab in mathematics at George Mason University (L106 Exploratory Hall).

We develop alternative modes of experiencing mathematics and engage in grassroots public outreach that fosters excitement about mathematics. Our activities naturally lead to development in 3D printing, virtual reality, and parallel computing.

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End of Semester Events: To showcase this semseter's research projects, we hosted two events, a poster session and symposium. For more info on these events visit this link.


Geometry Labs United 2020 Conference was held online by ICERM July 16 - 17. If you want to know more visit this link.

AMS Notices: MEGL and its sister labs have been prominently featured in the AMS Notices.

MEGL in the Media: MEGL has been featured in video and print. Check us out here!


sean 2020 GMU Faculty Awards: Congratulations to Prof. Sean Lawton who won the prestigious 2020 University Teaching Excellence Award and also the OSCAR Mentoring Excellence Award 2020. He was also promoted to full professor.
plaque.jpg 2020 GMU Math Awards: Genevieve G. Feinstein Award in Cryptography went to Mathew David Kearney and George Andrew won the Amer Beslagic Award for outstanding performance in math. Cigole Thomas got the Provost Summer Research Fellowship 2020.
accepted.jpg 2020: Savannah Crawford and Jacob Schreiber will start a PhD program at GMU. Julian Benali will be joining the Masters program in Mathematics at GMU.
austincap.png 2020 Graduating MEGL members : Our Outreach Director, Prof. Jack Love is leaving GMU. Thank you for your service and contribution to MEGL. Julian Benali, Savannah Crawford, Jae-Moon Hwang and Jacob Schreiber are graduating with a BS degree.
bsm-logo.jpg Budapest Semester in Mathematics: We are very proud of MEGL student Julian Benali who was accepted into the Budapest Semester in Mathematics for Spring 2020. Congratulations!
plaque.jpg 2019 GMU Math Awards: Genevieve G. Feinstein Award in Cryptography went to Savannah Crawford, Klaus Fischer Award for Academic Achievement in Mathematics went to Julian Benali, and Yemeen Ayub won the Clarke Family award for Excellence in Algebra, Analysis or Topology.
austincap.png 2019 Graduating MEGL members : Aneesh Malhotra (BS), Orton Babb (BS), Jack Love (PhD), Arsah Rahman (BS), Brent Gorbutt (PhD), Julia Rima(BS), Daniel Taylor (BS), Maria-Pia Younger (BS), Joseph Frias (BS), Wyatt Rush (BS), Matthew South (BS), and Avery Austin (BS).
MEGL researchers publish results! Rarity, Ethan; Schluchter, Steven; Schroeder, J. Z. The Smallest Self-dual Embeddable Graphs in a Pseudosurface. Missouri J. Math. Sci. 30 (2018), no. 1, 85—92.
plaque.jpg 2018 GMU Math Awards: Mary K. Cabell Award to the Outstanding Mathematics Student went to Marvin Castellon , and Genevieve G. Feinstein Award in Cryptography went to Seth Lee, Amer Beslagic Award for outstanding performance in math in the Freshman and Sophomore years went to Julian Benali. Cigole Thomas has been selected for the TC Lim Award for Excellence in Teaching. Jack Love has won the college level Dean's Award for Excellence.
marvintrophy.JPG 2018: MEGL member Marvin Castellon has won best poster/presentation at the Undergraduate Research Colloquium at GMU for his collaborative work with mentor Dr. Lawton, graduate student Cigole Thomas, and undergraduate Seth Lee.
marvin.png 2018: MEGL member Marvin Castellon has been accepted in the mathematics PhD program at UC, Berkeley with the Chancellor's Fellowship.
Stephanie MEGL member Stephanie Mui has won the regional competition to compete in the 2016 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair based on her work on embedding geometric surfaces in 3D (see examples of her 3D prints and 3D movies of tori and spheres). At the IISEF in Arizona she won the first place award of $2000 from American Mathematics Society. Stephanie is GMU's youngest graduate. Here is NBC coverage and FOX coverage. Washington Post article.
accepted.jpg 2017: Tim Reid will be going to NC State to start a PhD program in computational algebra (with a "signing bonus"), Stephanie Mui will be going to the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU with a full research fellowship to pursue her PhD, Mae Markowski will be starting a PhD program in Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University (honorable mention in NSF-GRF 2019), Jermain McDermott will begin a PhD program at the University of Maryland, College Park (he won numerous research fellowships and scholarships, but alas, could not accept them all), Zhusong Mei will begin a masters program at Carnegie Mellon in financial mathematics, and Patrick Bishop will start a PhD program here at GMU.
austincap.png 2017 graduating MEGL members: Patrick Bishop (BS), Mae Markowski (BS), Zhusong Mei (BS), Stephanie Mui (BS/MS), Tim Reid (BS)
plaque.jpg 2017 GMU Math Awards: Mary K. Cabell Award to the Outstanding Mathematics Student went to Mae Markowski, and Genevieve G. Feinstein Award in Cryptography went to Mary Leskovec, Excellence in Teaching Award went to Jack Love.
tim.jpg Tim Reid won an OSCAR grant to do research in MEGL during Fall 2016. He will be continuing his search for "special words" in free groups. UPDATE: his work won a 2017 OSCAR Student Excellence Award, and was featured at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research where Tim presented his work.
austincap.png 2016 graduating MEGL members: Austin Alderete (BS) , Patrick Brown (BS) , James Chiriaco (BS) , Jermain McDermott (BS) , Conor Nelson (BS) , Donnelly Phillips (MS), Anneliese Slaton (BS) , Mezel Smith (BS) , Mark Tuben (BS)
AustinSmug MEGL member Austin Alderete has won the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship in Mathematical Sciences - Algebra, Number Theory, and Combinatorics based on his research during Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 under the tab Polytopes. He is now pursuing a PhD at the University of Texas-Austin.
plaque.jpg 2016 GMU Math Awards: Klaus Fischer Award for Academic Achievement in Mathematics went to Robert Argus, Mary K. Cabell Award to the Outstanding Mathematics Student went to Austin Alderete, and Genevieve G. Feinstein Award in Cryptography went to Jermain McDermott

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